Angel Lin is a voice actress for Le Viada in Dusk Diver.


I usually go into the recording studio and do voice acting as if I am possessed, then after the sessions I try my best to detach myself from the characters as soon as possible. So when the production team told me that I needed to write a report for my recording session, I honestly didn't know what to do...hahaha! What I can share with you is that when I was first introduced to the character, I was very relaxed, because this is the character type that I'm really good at. The production team told me a lot about the internal struggles of the character, but I was pretty confident that I could handle this role. What I remember is that the role is like a warm sister to the main character of the game, but sometimes also stern and pushy. I also remember that when I screamed according to the script, the production team was surprised and they said they approved and liked my acting. I was very grateful. It was a great experience, and I hope I can work on with the team again.[1]


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